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Kids activities
Amanda Jacobs

The Best Activities for Kids at the Right Age 

Activities for kids

Choosing the right activities for kids based on what they enjoy and where they’re at developmentally can be tricky. Likewise, selecting the best toy for each stage can also be challenging. Many times in the past I’d planned what I thought was a really fun kids’ activity only to then realize my boys totally weren’t ready for it. I’m also guilty of “peaking too early” with certain toys. In other words, I’ve got over-excited and bought a toy before my children were developmentally ready for it, only for them to get bored of it by the time they reached the appropriate stage to benefit from it.

Today, we’re going to break down the ages between 4-8 and look at what milestones children will be reaching and how they will impact the types of toys and activities that they may be interested in.
Continue reading “Choosing the best activities for kids | Developmental Milestones”

Learning toys
Amanda Jacobs

A look at the best learning toys on the market

There are literally millions of learning toys out there that kids love playing with, ranging from a few bucks, into the hundreds. It’s hard to tell which toy will capture your child’s interest and what won’t. Children are like sponges – they have the admirable ability to pick up new skills at a mind-blowing rate. While obviously they can learn a ton without toys, there’s a lot of fun to be had with toys too. What’s more, there are many toys out there that hit the mark for “edutainment” – that wonderful mix of educational and entertainment. In other words, learning toys that they’d love to play with; that will help stimulate their brains, challenge their intellect and stretch their imaginations. Continue reading “Learning through Play | Round-up of the best learning toys”

impact of technology
Amanda Jacobs

Kids and their toys –  the impact of technology on kids

In this post, we’re going to look at the impact of technology on young kids and what value some of these tech toys have on learning.

impact of technology

It’s the year 2017 and technology is everywhere. Cell phones are getting smaller (and bigger!), laptops are getting lighter, homes are getting smarter and robots are taking over the world. OK, the last one’s not really happening (yet) but technology is certainly taking up a very significant part of our day – both at school/work and home. These days, kids have a better grasp on technology than some of their parents, and some toddlers are playing on iPads before they can even talk. But is the increase of tech toys for kids a good or a bad thing? What is the impact these technologies are having on our children? Continue reading “The impact of technology on kids?”

Girls toys
Amanda Jacobs

Top Toys for Girls age 4-8

It’s 2017 and never has there been a better choice of toys for girls on the shelves. Long gone are the days where girls were only encouraged to play with dolls and make-up or brightly-colored pink toys. Nowadays kids have a plethora of decisions to make when it comes to toys to play with.

With so many fantastic toys for girls to choose from, it can be almost impossible to decide what to buy. Here at GetQurious, we’ve tried to make your lives easier by trawling through the virtual shelves to compile a list of our top picks for toys for girls age 4-8. Continue reading “Girls Toys | Top toys for girls age 4-8”

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